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Iron Blanket

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Sydney riff wizards Iron Blanket formed in 2020. Born out of the huge weed haze that was lockdown one, the band set about ripping it up on local stages as soon as they were allowed. Initially the five-piece bonded over a love of seventies rock music...drawing influence from the heavy licks of Black Sabbath, Pentagram and the psychedelic exploration of Hawkwind and Pink Floyd. But as the jams got heavier and the fuzz pedals got weirder, thick and dirty nineties inspired grooves and feedback started to appear, to round out the band's sound.


After a year of gigging as much as possible (with the likes of Sasquatch, Dozer & Astrodeath) the band was ready to record their debut album 'Astral Wanderer'. "Astral Wanderer" is a natural continuation of the band’s sound with mammoth fuzz riffs, rhythmic choruses and dark psych soundscapes felt with tension, inspired by occult worship imagery and Australian barren landscapes. This distinctive sound has quickly given Iron Blanket the reputation of one of Sydney's best stoner/psych bands.




Astral Wanderer:

"If you’ve caught Sydney riff wizards Iron Blanket in bars and clubs around the country, you’ll know the group don’t fuck around. At their shows, they stand and deliver, sucking viewers into their fuzzy vortex filled with doomy jams and wailing vocals. Their latest tune ‘Evil Mind’ does exactly that, with the five-piece taking us on a whirlwind riff ride.." - Life Without Andy

"If you like your psychedelic music with a dose of heavy, check out the new singles from Iron Blanket and get ready for the release of their debut LP. - Third Eye Psych Rock

"The opening duo “Evil Mind” and “Mystic Goddess” portraying a style of grounded riffing that kicks-in-the-ass some of Uncle Acid‘s garage groove while vocalist Johann Ingemarreimagines Sabbath-era Ozzy." - The Obelisk


Check back later for news of live shows!

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