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Frequently Asked Questions

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Where will my order ship from?

With shipping centres in the UK, EU and Australia, our webstore and Bandcamp page are used so that your order will ship to you via the cheapest service wherever possible.

If you're in the UK, your order will ship locally with Royal Mail while those in Australia and New Zealand will receive their order via Australia Post, if your item is in stock in Australia.

For EU and RoW orders of ZEAHORSE - Let's Not (And Say We Did) and later releases, we are using a new EU-based shipping partner so you don't have to pay customs fees caused by Brexit. These orders will ship tracked as standard. Please contact us for your tracking number should you wish to know more about the location of your order.

For releases before ZEAHORSE - Let's Not..., most of our stock is in the UK, so if any of these records are included in your order, total shipping fee will be based on items being sent from the UK.

The above depends on your items being in stock in each location. In the event that your item is out of stock in your usual shipping location, it will ship from the next cheapest location where stock is available.

Where is my order?

You'll get a shipping email as soon as your item is on its way. Unfortunately with the world as it is right now, there are insane production delays facing the world of vinyl pressing, so it is taking over 6 months for orders to be ready to ship - for that we really thank you for your patience!

If your order has shipped and you're still waiting, get in touch with us at copperfeastrecords 'at' and we will send you a tracking number if we have one, or give you more info on where your order might be.

If the estimated shipping times given by our shipping partners has passed, we will always try to send a replacement or refund, depending on the availability of stock.

How long should I wait for my order to arrive?

This varies depending on where the order ships from and to, however in most cases it should arrive at your door within 25 working days of shipping.

Please note that outside factors such as COVID and Brexit have affected shipping times, however please know, your order will be on its way to you and you'll be enjoying that beautiful record soon enough!

If it still hasn't turned up within 25 days of shipping, get in touch and we'll investigate for you.

My record looks different from the mock-up?

Mock-ups are exactly that - mock-ups. They are an best-guess of what we are hoping to achieve with the pressing, but the very nature of blending colours means that these hopes don't always come true.

While we carefully select colours and designs to best realise the mock-ups, we can't offer refunds for vinyl colours not matching the mock-ups. We hope you understand.

There is a problem with my record - can I get a replacement?

If your order turns up with a defect which is affecting playback, get in touch with us and we'll always try to replace it or if the item is out of stock, we will issue a refund. Just shoot us an email with pictures.

My record has turned up damaged - can you help?

Unfortunately, shit happens and orders can sometimes get damaged by shipping companies while in the postal system. We aiming to pack all our orders in sturdy mailers, with records outside of the outer sleeve to avoid seam splits and damage. 

That said, sometimes things can happen leading to a damaged order, which we always hate to see happen.

If this happens to your order, get in touch with some photos of the damage (both to the record and the cardboard mailer) and we'll be happy to send a refund or a replacement, provided we have the item in stock. 

These photos are important for us to be able to make a claim against the shipping company, so we can only process damaged orders where photos are provided.

Will my local shop have Copper Feast releases in stock?

In most cases, unfortunately not. That said, we are working with Sound Effect Records in Greece who can happily assist in stocking anyone with Copper Feast releases.

We also have relationships with a number of retailers around the world and are always keen to speak to more, so do let your local shop know if there is something you're after from us.

If you run a record store and would like to carry our stock, get in touch via copperfeastrecords 'at'

Where are Copper Feast releases pressed?

This can vary depending on the release, however in most cases, the good folks at Breed Media manage our orders which are then pressed at GZ Media in the Czech Republic.

My order didn't come with a download code but my iPod is my life?

Don't worry, we've got you! Drop us a message on social media or an email at copperfeastrecords 'at' with proof of your order and we'll send over a DL code for your Bandcamp collection.

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