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Jack Harlon and the Dead Crows

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Jack Harlon & The Dead Crows is a Melbourne-based Psychedelic Doom project focusing on the exploits of a drug-addicted outlaw in the west.

Hot on the heels of their incredible second album 'The Magnetic Ridge', Copper Feast have repressed their debut record 'Hymns' as a co-release alongside Tuff Cuff Records! Oh and they've got new music coming too...

Grab your copy here!


The Magnetic Ridge



"Hymns, is an uber-progressive blues meets desert-rock album, with a few hints of space rock and doom ‘n’ gloom sprinkled on top. Musically, the album flows together pretty seamlessly, but there are just enough progressive elements to keep a casual listener at bay." - More Fuzz

"Jack Harlon & The Dead Crows have created an exciting record that actually takes genuine creative risks and it becomes an even more rewarding listening experience as a result.” - Outlaws of the Sun

"I was sucker-punched by this album and I’m bummed I didn’t hear it until now. This is easily in the running for my best of 2018. Seriously, check it out!" - Super Corrupter


Check back later for upcoming shows!

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