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Melbourne trio Khan expertly meld hazy psychedelia and heavy stoner riffs with progressive rhythms and song structures to craft some of the most magical heavy psych around. The songs are lyrically evocative, exuding a sense of despondency and vocally shift from gentle crooning to impassioned wailing.

Having released debut record On Silent Space and its follow-up Vale to adoring Aussie crowds, Khan have joined Copper Feast for the European release of new album Monsoons as well as a European reissue of Vale.


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"It was a bold move also to omit the vocals but, man, they really pulled it off." - Noob Heavy

"To ignore the breadth Khan harness in little over half an hour would be a mistake." - The Obelisk

"Khan have birthed a thunderous shower of sound within 4 epic tracks. Josh Bills’ guitar can heal and destroy, transitioning from shimmering reverb to a growling menace while Mitchell Kerr and Beau Heffernan detonate bass bombs and drum assaults at the perfect moment, building and pouncing like crashing waves on your peaceful harbour." - Sly Vinyl


"The rythmic playfulness of the backline is full of nifty twists and turns, and the guitars moves from clean tremolo to fuzzed out bliss and beyond! Just when you find time to draw some breath , they’ll pull you back into the vortex with full power!" - Sly Vinyl

"Seriously intoxicating. A dreamy blend of fuzz and bluesy riffs that causes life-threatening euphoria. - The Fat Angel Sings

Check back later for news of live shows!

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