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Copper Feast Vinyl Bundles

Copper Feast Vinyl Bundles

PriceFrom £35.00

We've curated some deliciously discounted vinyl bundles with some of your favourite releases available for purchase together for a knock-down price!


With a label roster so intertwined and regularly playing live with one another, some of our releases have those perfect companions which when played one after another, will turn your home vinyl set-up into a scene from some of Australia's best psych shows.


Bundles include:


  • Comacozer Deluxe Bundle (Deluxe editions of our three Coma reissues)
  • Comacozer Super Deluxe Bundle (Super Deluxe editions of our three Coma reissues)
  • Pseudo Mind Hive Bundle (Of Seers & Sirens, Eclectica and a random variant of Volume III)
  • King Gizzard Bootlegger Bundle (Polygondwanaland, Teenage Gizzard and Demos Vol. 1 & 2)
  • Punk Bundle (Right Shitty, T-Rextasy, School Disco's Head's Still Here and Zeahorse Let's Not)
  • Foot Bundle (You Are Weightless, 7" split with Sleeping Giant and a random variant of their self-titled debut)
  • Jack Harlon Bundle (Hymns and Hail to the Underground)
  • Sydney Favourites (Narla, Zeahorse Let's Not and a random Kimono Drag Queens variant)
  • Melbourne Favourites (Jack Harlon's Hymns, PMH's Eclectica and Fuzz Meadows)
  • Instrumental Bundle (Fuzz Meadows, plus deluxe editions of Comacozer's Binbeal/Sun of Hyperion and Astra Planeta)

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