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Endless Valley - Kaskashir

Endless Valley - Kaskashir


Stirring a cauldron of psychedelic, global and progressive sounds, Endless Valley immerse audiences in a world of heady grooves, otherworldly guitars and Nayivadan chants. 

The name Endless Valley symbolises ocean floors that if emptied, would connect continents. Their sound ranges from driving, danceable rhythmic grooves to hypnotising layered melodies, with no end of borders challenged in between.

The quintet’s sophomore album Kaskashir is a captivating fusion of psychedelic rock and world music that takes listeners on a journey through the ancient mystical landscapes of Nayivada.

“Endless Valley usher you into a psychedelic-carved haven of balance and tranquillity [sic]. 

Vast, formidable, and utterly beautiful; welcome to the world of Nayivada.” - Happy Mag

For Fans Of Goat, Golden Dawn Arkestra, WITCH, Dead Can Dance, Altin Gün and Kikagaku Moyo


Due to ship mid-August

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