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Fuzz Sagrado - A New Dimension

Fuzz Sagrado - A New Dimension


Fans of Samsara Blues Experiment look out: FUZZ SAGRADO is the continued work of SBE's creative mastermind Christian Peters. Fans of the earlier project will find most of the main ingredients to Samsara's popularity in the psychedelic scene: Peters' unique style of singing and guitar playing, and a total of twelve new tracks in a eclectic mix of Psychedelic Rock, Krautrock, early Prog and 90s Alternative/Stoner Rock plus a few new features, modular synthesizer experiments and further sonic adventures ... Don't miss out on an exceptionally unique album!

"If you want a Psychedelic Desert Rock/Krautrock record with a mind of it's own and one that sounds totally different to what's currently out there then Fuzz Sagrado have you covered." - Steve Howe, Outlaws Of The Sun

Fuzz Sagrado's "A New Dimension" is my first full length album including vocals, after already releasing two instrumental EPs in July and October 2021. After the break with Samsara Blues Experiment in 2020 and making a lot of synthesizer music with Surya Kris Peters, I came to realize where my other true passion lies and where I wanted to go in my life as a musician: back to that ol' Psychedelic Rock. After all also I didn't feel yet as if I should retire completely from that scene. So at this point in my life I feel just comfortable enough to self-produce my music the way I want to, without too many distractions from the outside world. I asked myself many questions throughout the last months and this album has had a few answers for me, and brought quite a big satisfaction as it showed of what I am capable and that there are still things that I yearn to master. It may be a bit of a selfish work but I am not at all here to impress (or to please) anybody, although I am happy to hear that people are influenced or moved by some of the songs I wrote in the past with my bands and I think that some of this new solo work may have that same potential. After all I hope you'll enjoy what you hear! - Chris Peters, Brasil in February 2022


Edition of 200 on azure blue + white splatter

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