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Häxmästaren set the month of March on fire with the digital release of Sol I Exil, an album that can only be described as a flaming sledgehammer of stoner doom and blackened sludge, banging hard with breakneck riffage, searing solos and a swinging groove that traverses the line between old school doom and a punishing death metal attack on the senses. An absolutely relentless release with surging energy and a heavy metal sensibility that always circles back to deep, sludgy doom roots and a plethora of vocal approaches ranging from guttural growls to the hallowed howls of the damned and we’re given the full dazzle with even a bit of their Swedish mother tongue on the title track and you’ll find no shortage of raucous, rumbling basslines, thunderous percussion, and ferocious guitars cleverly melodied into a fast and loose display of heavily brooding power.


Gaining rave reviews and a #9 placing on the Doom Charts, Häxmästaren has been on Majestic’s radar for a long while now, and with this stellar release the move was made and the deal was struck to give Sol I Exil the full Majestic vinyl release treatment and we are thrilled to welcome Häxmästaren to the Majestic Mountain Crew!


"Sol i Exil" comes in:
-Nothing but the heaviest 180-gram vinyl
-Single sleeve with 3mm spine
-Blazing full-colour, double-sided insert with lyrics!
-Black poly-lined inner sleeve, of course.
-33rpm heaviness
-Wax comes in a wicked, transparent gren and yellow haze 

Strictly limited to 250

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