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Land Mammal - Slow Your Mind

Land Mammal - Slow Your Mind


Straight from the Texas Underground we present to you the anticipated debut album by Land Mammal, a Dallas, TX duo formed from the ashes of several successful bands.

Will Weise (ex-guitarist and founder of Gypsy Sun Revival) is a riff writer, guitarist, and sitarist who puts together compositions with the help of Kinsley August. Kinsley is a talented vocalist, front man, lyricist, and entertainer, who knows how to pull in and provide a dramatic performance for a crowd. The two musicians found a natural chemistry in song- writing and look forward to many future releases. 

This debut album, Slow Your Mind, is an eclectic offering for all listeners. The opening track, Psychedelic Hand, features a guitar solo by Isaiah Mitchell (Earthless, Black Crowes), a former guitar mentor and teacher of Will Weise. The album continues the listening journey with Ring the Bell, an angst filled, distorted rock anthem. The listener is then lifted up by the third track, Fuzzy Purple Jacket, a catchy, psychedelic funk offering. The remaining tracks range from Hendrix inspired guitar reflections to several acoustic offerings that keep the heavy spirit alive. There is even a sitar featured on Full Ascension, accompanied by a string quartet. Yes, a little bit for everyone.

The lyrical sincerity, cleverness and catchy vocal melodies backed by a passionate performance make for a memorable album that has rock radio and mainstream potential throughout every track. Future Direction Even though all of the songs on this debut were written as a duo, they have musicians ready to go on tour and hit the ground running. Covid put a kink in these plans, but they hope restrictions will become more relaxed in 2021/2022 and they can enjoy playing live music and touring again.

Available on vinyl and sealed in shrink wrap

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