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Oslo Tapes - Staring at the Sun Before Goin' Blind

Oslo Tapes - Staring at the Sun Before Goin' Blind

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An Auditory Mirage of Disorientation and Restlessness Takes Center Stage in Marco Campitelli's Fourth Album, Blending Post/Art/Kraut/Noise, and Introspection.


On Friday, December 1st, Oslo Tapes returns with the highly anticipated fourth album, ’Staring at the Sun Before Goin' Blind’ marking another step in Marco Campitelli's personal initiatory journey through the realms of post/art/kraut/noise and introspection. The album will be released on vinyl by Echodelick Records (USA) and Sound Effect Records (Greece), while Grazil Records (Austria) will oversee the CD, cassette, and digital versions. 'Staring at the Sun Before Goin' Blind' is the follow-up to the successful third album, ‘ØR’, released in 2021 by the prestigious Pelagic Records, and it is imbued with emotional radiations that fuel disorientation and restlessness. Voices in contrast with metronomic rhythmic patterns, geometries distorted by fluid basslines, and melodic synths that compensate for the voids left by liquid and acidic guitars all contribute to creating a distinctly personal auditory mirage. The album is produced by Amaury Cambuzat, a historic member of faUSt, and Ulan Bator, who co-authored the songs and arrangements with Campitelli. Using an unspecified number of magnetic tapes and analog machines, he forged the album's sound through his thirty-year experience in the kraut/avant/rock domain. Oslo Tapes says: ‹‹ ’Staring at the Sun Before Goin' Blind’ is hypothetically a brief period traversed in eight tracks, from the ethereal opening of 'Gravity' to the hypnotic 'Ethereal Song', the avant-syncretism of 'Deja Neu', and the psychedelic and modern deep house vibes of 'Reject Yr Regret'. It follows the harmonic framework of 'Like a Metamorphosis’ in a fusion of psychedelic jazz, the post-minimalist fuzz-kraut of 'Middle Ground', the distorted and celestial 'Somnambulist's Daydream', and the tribal-kaleidoscopic title track finale. ›› Recommended for fans of God Is An Astronaut, Neu!, Can, Porno For Pyros, Nine Inch Nails, and Angel Of Light. While the Oslo Tapes capsule is in orbit, on board are Mauro Spada on bass and Davide Di Virgilio on drums, Stefano Micolucci on bass and upright bass, Federico Sergente on percussion, Nicola Amici, also known as Kaouenn, on guitars, synths, and percussion. There are also exceptional guests such as Berlin's Sicker Man from Trialogos on cello and Dahm Majuri Cipolla, the Japanese post-rock band MONO drummer. After being part of the same label as Marco Campitelli, they cultivated a collaboration driven by their shared passion for kraut rock.


The album will be out on limited edition classic black vinyl and collectors' edition electric blue/neon violet splatter vinyl!


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