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Robot God - Portal Within

Robot God - Portal Within


Robot God, the innovative and boundary-pushing musical three piece, is thrilled to release their latest album, "Portal Within." It represents a significant milestone for Robot God, showcasing their evolution as a band and their continued commitment to pushing the boundaries of their genre. With a unique blend of intricate melodies, Robot God explore elements of Psychedelic Stoner Rock and Metal with electrifying energy, this album promises to captivate audiences worldwide.


"We couldn't be more excited to share “Portal Within” with the world, said Robot God guitarist Raff Iacurto. This album represents a journey of self-discovery and exploration, and we believe it will resonate deeply with our audience. Partnering with Kozmik Artifactz for the vinyl release adds an extra layer of excitement, and we can't wait for fans to experience the album in this format. "Portal Within" is a testament to Robot God's ability to expand the horizon of their genre while staying true to their artistic vision. From the mesmerizing instrumentals, to the heavy hitting riffage, this album promises to take listeners on a transformative musical journey.


In addition to the upcoming release of "Portal Within", the band will also be releasing another full-length album “Subsconscious Awakening” with vinyl via Kozmik Artifacts in the second half of 2024, making this a milestone year these Sydney based Aussies. Robot God invites fans to explore their previous album releases available via Kozmik Artifactz or their Bandcamp page, including "Silver Buddha Dreaming," "Valleys of Primordia," and "Worlds Collide".


Let Psychedelic space rock be your new religious experience and your new musical bible will be "Portal Within".




- 500 copies on heavy 180g Vinyl pressed by Pallas Group in Germany 
- all copies an beautiful blue/white marbled vinyl
- deluxe gatefold cover / matt finish
- special vinyl mastering

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