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Vinyl Mystery Box

Vinyl Mystery Box

PriceFrom £11.00

Introducing our vinyl mystery box where you can grab a random assortment of vinyl for as low as £9 per disc!


The concept is simple - choose how many discs you want and we'll send a random selection of vinyl totalling up to the selected amount of discs. For example, if you choose the 4-disc mystery box you may receive 4 single LPs, 2 double LPs or 2 single LPs AND a double. Get it?


Only one thing is guaranteed - you'll always receive more value than you paid! We may even throw in a rare or out of print release/variant/test pressing!


Feel free to add in the order notes some of your favourite bands if you want us to tailor the box to your taste, but otherwise feel free to lose control and see what happens!


Mystery boxes ship from both the UK and EU and are limited to available stock in each location.

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