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ZEAHORSE - Let's Not (And Say We Did)

ZEAHORSE - Let's Not (And Say We Did)


Copper Feast are proud to present the much anticipated brand new LP from Sydney noise/punk quartet Zeahorse!


After over 4 years away, ZEAHORSE's much-anticipated third record 'Let’s Not (And Say We Did)' kicks off with a headbutt from a meathead dressed in surprisingly-fine Egyptian cotton and then only lets up occasionally so you can check your stupid phone with the cracked screen. It is the sound of gleefully setting alight a skip bin of discarded How to Win Friends and Influence People paperbacks. (Fuck those sycophants, those dim flashes in unwashed pans. No longer do we have time for them).


From the everyone's-mate company narcissist of 'The Ladder' to the selfie-aware solipsism of '20 Nothing's trendy shut-in, 'Let’s Not (And Say We Did)' is Oz noise rock at its most relevant - like watching Countdown on acid dropped into kit-home hell. The lyric on single 'Guilty', "Tried to go to heaven but went the other way" is particularly pertinent here. Blare it while the poor in spirit march joyously into the inferno that it is their paradise - on their way to a photoshoot at the beach without ever stepping onto the sand.


Copper Feast will be pressing 250 copies of our limited edition Guilty Conscience colour vinyl, pressed on green and black swirl vinyl with incredible artwork from frontman Morgan Anthony!


Records will be pressed on 140g vinyl with a full artwork outer sleeve, poly-lined inner sleeves and packed into poly overbags.

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