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Pseudo Mind Hive

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Having formed in Melbourne in 2016, these psych wizards have been blazing a trail through the Australian music scene over the last half-decade and now carry with them a loyal following and a must-see live show.

Having started life as a four-piece, PMH released From Elsewhere in 2018 which was re-released by Copper Feast in 2019 to present our deluxe Galactic Storm vinyl edition to European fans.

The band's second album Of Seers and Sirens blew many a fan away and chartered new territory for the band as they pushed themselves out of the confines of stoner rock and into progressive psych rock territory. Of Seers also debuted Pseudo Mind Hive as a 5-piece, with Jesse joining the band on keyboards.

Both Of Seers and Sirens and newest record Volume III have now been given killer vinyl pressings from Copper Feast in 2021.

The band have since welcomed John Zacharias (guitar) and Jake Bicchieri (bass) to begin an exciting new chapter for Pseudo Mind Hive as they look to take their awe-inspiring live show international with lead single You Can Run, from their next EP Eclectica, which dropped at the end of 2022!





Volume III:

"They expertly master the balance between chaos and calm. Volume III is the sort of record that should be given to every young rock musician as required listening" - Rolling Stone

Of Seers and Sirens:

"This is one of the best Psychedelic Stoner Rock albums of the year." - Outlaws of the Sun

"A superb example of Australian Psychedelic Doom." - Reek of Stoom

From Elsewhere:

"Every moment on the album is packed with immersive layers of sound that are only intensified by the band’s immaculate performances." - Trouble Juice

Check back later for live dates

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