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Zeahorse are a 4-piece noise rock band from Sydney. Over a decade of togetherness has built a dynamic and immersive live experience that has earnt them a loyal and underground following across Australia. Living in different states, writing and recording when it suits, their sonic evolution has ignored fleeting fashion’s in favour of a genuine energy to make music with one another and continually refine their craft.

After over 4 years away, ZEAHORSE's much-anticipated third record 'Let’s Not (And Say We Did)', which came out on Copper Feast in 2021, kicks off with a headbutt from a meathead dressed in surprisingly-fine Egyptian cotton and then only lets up occasionally so you can check your stupid phone with the cracked screen. It is the sound of gleefully setting alight a skip bin of discarded How to Win Friends and Influence People paperbacks. (Fuck those sycophants, those dim flashes in unwashed pans. No longer do we have time for them).


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Let's Not (And Say We Did):

"The way they weave in and out of punk, noise and psychedelia is truly special, making for one unique album." - Rotation 11

"The four-piece band keeps it loud in the pocket. Songs on Let’s Not (And Say We Did) seethe massive grooves and layered, blaring vocals." - Rebel Noise

"Hellish yet rapturous, corrosive but seductive and as thick a trespass upon the senses as it is a bewitchment." - Ringmaster Review

"Intense, bass-heavy sounds stomping their way through psychedelia and 90’s grunge, with interludes of punk rock to keep the party going, Zeahorse are heading into their metal phase with gusto and with more than ample ideas at their disposal." - Ever Metal

Torana Dreamin':

"I’ve gotten weird looks calling this my album of the year – but I can no longer hide it. Best bloody band in Sydney, hands down. Get this record immediately." - The Brag


Check back later for news of live shows!

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