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Vintage Vinyl Records


We are a record label specialising in putting the very best of weird, wonderful and downright heavy psych, stoner and punk rock onto high quality vinyl releases, with bases in the UK and Australia.

Copper Feast started out in early 2018 with little more than a dream and have now grown into one of the most well-respected boutique labels in the genre space.

We provide a home for a breadth of independent artists from around the globe, with a focus on pressing vinyl releases to compliment both the aesthetic and quality of the albums we release.

Our ethos from day one is that our role is to support and give to our artists as best we can, not to take from them. Our artist relationships are always structured fairly to ensure as much of the money you spend on vinyl as possible goes to our artists. 

Furthermore, we pledge that 20% of our share of profits from each and every release goes to a charity of the bands choice. So far we've supported the likes of Girls Rock! Melbourne, Ourmala and Lock the Gate.

Wanna read more about what we're all about? Check out these interviews between Copper Feast Records' Label Director Callum Pope and our mates Life Without Andy and RouteNote.

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