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Paul Holden

Pale Hornet

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Otherwise known as the frontman and creative force behind Foot, Pale Hornet (Paul Holden) mixes things up on his solo records, delivering a far more subtle and reflective brand of alternative rock than fans are used to hearing from Foot.

Having upped sticks and relocated to another state, they released debut full-length North back in 2018 with half of the album made up from demos dating back to 2013 which were written for the bands he was playing in whilst living in Melbourne (Foot, The Dead Heir, A Cheeky Grin). The other half were written after moving to the North Coast region of New South Wales.


Worn Boot Tread, the follow-up to North came out on Copper Feast in 2020 and reaffirmed Pale Hornet's status as an incredible alternative rock songwriter and multi-instrumentalist.



Worn Boot Tread Album Art.jpg


Check back later for live shows!

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