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With one of the darkest and most crushing sludge/doom metal debut albums you'll hear in a long time, this three-piece from Melbourne, Australia have made major waves since they emerged on the scene in late 2020 with their record Death//Sacrifice.

Copper Feast joined forces with our best mates at Psychedelic Salad Records to release this absolute behemoth into the world on vinyl for the first time ever in 2021.

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Death // Sacrifice



"The group’s dedication (and mastery) of their crushing craft is absolutely second to none." - No Clean Singing

"Proffering grueling deathsludge as though it were going out of style — it isn’t." - The Obelisk

"KVLL produce fantastic doom metal sound that you fall in love with instantly." - Rawing in the Pit


Check back later for news of live shows!

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