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Bhopal's Flowers - Joy of the 4th

Bhopal's Flowers - Joy of the 4th

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Hindu deities dancing in the sky of the American desert, psychedelic cosmic pop hanging by a thread to the star of the shepherd, the music of Bhopal's Flowers seems to point to an unknown but familiar direction: A world where John Wayne and the Virgin Mary drive a convertible Lincoln, John Fitzgerald Kennedy on the backseat, greeting the crowd of angels.


Bhopal's Flowers' new LP will be out in November 2022 at Sound Effect Records. This brand new album continue the quest started started in 2016 with "Lovesongs & Psychedelic Tones" on which the trio sitar - tanpura - 12 strings guitar is digging bridges between modal & tonal musical systems, on an anthroposophic message. Fullfilled with mellotron, harpsichord, leslie effect, this easy listening record is filled with joy and bright melodies on a sunshine pop feel, with the usual Hindustani taste from Bhopal's Flowers. With this ode the 4th degree of the musical scale, Joy Of The 4th expresses the will to spread simple but eternal life rules: each and every evolution is based on 7 steps, according to the following pattern: 3 - 1 - 3 As the most evolved form is not the most complex but the one that have solved the complexity with a pretty simple way of expression, Joy Of The 4th claims simple pop songs with a deep & vintage production. 


Dedicated to Noël Pezzano (Bhopal's Flowers' leader's son) born in 2021, the 10 tracks are fed by the happiness of early age and shimmering colorful instrumentations, like the sound of a baby toy.

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