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Jimmy Li - Sugarcanes and Grapes

Jimmy Li - Sugarcanes and Grapes

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Dimitris Lysandros, known by the stage name 'Jimmy Li', raised in (Piraeus suburb) Nikaia and currently residing in Athens, is set to launch his inaugural album 'Sugarcanes & Grapes,' on March 8th. It follows the release of his debut single, 'Forget,' unveiled in February 2022. Drawing inspiration from a diverse range of genres such as Alternative and Classic Rock, Shoegaze, New-Psych and even Progressive Rock, 'Sugarcanes & Grapes’ is an elegant, deep-psych album, with pop sensibilities and artistic finesse! Addressing current social issues, Jimmy Li comes up with a unique statement mixing poetry with sharp musicality and style! 'Sugarcanes & Grapes’ is due out on extremely limited edition black and grimace purple vinyl.


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