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Diesel Cindy - Spill the Dirt

Diesel Cindy - Spill the Dirt

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Diesel Cindy is a band of friends from Athens Greece. Them people share a common passion for a wide spectrum of fuzz sounds blended with a dry bass and old school drum sound. This sound, together with the distinctive voice of a tall angry shadow, deliver melodies inspired from favorite garage bands, mostly from the 60's till the 90's in a contemporary form of expression, revealing stories from the past, and whispering true tales from the present and future. Them friends, being members of other bands in the past, such as One Man Drop, Vibratore Bizarro, Delightful, The Same River, Headquake, have been part of the Athenian underground scene in Greece for many years and have toured around the country several times. However, this time, they share a common project all together. The result is Diesel Cindy’s debut LP titled “Spill the Dirt”. “Spill the Dirt” is due out on November 24th,2023 via Sound Effect Records, on classic black vinyl and limited-edition oxblood red vinyl.


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