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Doctor Doom - A Shadow Called Danger

Doctor Doom - A Shadow Called Danger


It's been 7 years since the release of the first album from DoctoR DooM, "This Seed We Have Sown". 7 years spent waiting for the release of the follow-up.

Now is the time to celebrate "A Shadow Called Danger", the sophomore offering from the French DooMers, and it sounds as good as you could expect.


8 cuts of their own take on proto/retro/vintage Hard Rock, deliciously crafted.


Their love of 70's Rock oozes from each track, melting Progressive Blues licks with an irresistible Proto Doom and Psych Rock combination.


As if that wasn't enough, the band decided to entrust Kent Stump of Wo Fat fame to magnify the vinyl master at his own Crystal Clear Sound studio in Texas.


The graphic part was handled by the versatile French artist Xavier Aliot and serves the album just right!


This is the Organic Edition - pressed on orange vinyl

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