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Fuzz Meadows - Orange Sunshine

Fuzz Meadows - Orange Sunshine

PriceFrom £13.00

Introducing the debut album from Melbourne heavy psych three piece Fuzz Meadows, 'Orange Sunshine'.


Pressed on transparent red vinyl with heavy blue splatter. Every copy comes with a full colour insert.


The majesty of Fuzz Meadows’ debut release is in the journey, with gorgeously crafted heavy psych instrumentals twisting around through influences embedded in post rock and metal as well as a hearty smattering of stoner rock and shoegaze while bringing all of these elements together to cultivate a voyage that’s both earth-shakingly heavy at its core while ascending to euphoric climaxes. The listener can do no more but strap in and take a ride on Fuzz Meadows’ wave.


Ships from the UK & EU. CD ships only from UK

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