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Grave Disgrace - Rest In Peace

Grave Disgrace - Rest In Peace


If you're into Black Sabbath, Reverend Bizarre or Saint Vitus, you're in for a treat. Hailing from St Petersburg, GRAVE DISGRACE have the book of Doom at their fingertips. Their art is crafted with passion, heaviness and epicness.

The Sabbathian feeling is real. Untouched and genuinely rooted in the 70's.

Their respect of the traditionnal Heavy Metal is authentic. Their interest for modern sound patterns is vivid. Their sense of melody and atmospheres is straightforward.

"Rest In Peace" is a demonstration of Doom Metal, no less.


Mastered for vinyl by James Plotkin (SunnO))), Windhand, Isis, Khanate...), and he did one hell of a job, "Rest In Peace", GRAVE DISGRACE's fourth offering, will undoubtedly stand among this year's best Doom metal albums.


Black Seed edition :
Limited to 150 copies. Black vinyl + A2 poster + sticker. Polylined inner sleeve.

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