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Gypsybyrd - Visions

Gypsybyrd - Visions


Gypsybyrd is the brainchild of multi instrumentalist musician Jake W. Lewis (Burn Ritual, King Earth). The album Eye Of The Sun was the first offering from Gypsybyrd and features a different side of Jake's songwriting and musicianship. Gypsybyrd takes Jake's love of hard rock, desert, and psych as well as the influences of 70s rock, blues, funk, and stoner rock into one cosmic trip.

Raw emotion, raw sounds, and raw soul are the best ways to describe the second offering from Gypsybyrd entitled VISIONS. Lifting from where 2020's Eye Of The Sun left off, the 2022 album guides the listener further into the journey of familiar yet fresh territory. Baked in sun drenched textures of heavy rock, blues, psych, and soul VISIONS begs to leave a mark with its enclosed eight tracks. Mostly written and record during the peak of a pandemic, Gypsybyrd's new songs are a mixed bag of hope, despair, regret, love, and the unknown. Tune in and let VISIONS transport your mind through time and space.


Edition of 200 on red/orange/black marble vinyl

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