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IAH - Omines

IAH - Omines


Feat. Spaceslug (Jan Rutka / Kamil Ziolkowski): vocals on "Omines".

"It is the instrumentalists' most evocative outing to-date, their 2017 self-titled debut EP and 2018's II having preceded III on a steady forward progression of sound. As they step away from their numbering system - admittedly counterintuitive, since III was the sophomore LP, etc. - Omines brings an expansive collection of eight songs that runs 64 minutes and finds guitarist Mauricio Condon, bassist Juan Pablo Lucco Borlera and drummer Jose Landín deeply entrenched in a range of atmospheres, weighted and wistful in kind in some stretches, more brazenly heavy in others." (

"With a defined style, IAH invites us to explore instrumental environments in which psychedelia, post-rock, stoner and post-metal coexist in perfect harmony. Without fanfare, and knowing when to put the intensity, they manage to create songs full of beauty with which to transmit different states of mind to the listener. Long songs in which they express their good work and that are built from the calm, but that contain different oscillations that make them anything, less monotonous. With nods to the characteristic ambient sound of bands like Yawning Man, they manage to combine progressive elements with the quieter echoes of desert rock. A sensory dimension in which its atmospheres trap the listener, providing a reflective environment of great beauty. This is not an album to party, but, on the contrary, it is the ideal soundtrack to find yourself, in a warm, and very introspective environment. An album that may seem somewhat linear at first impression, but which, on the contrary, has many nuances embedded in each of its songs, something that IAH does with the subtlety of a veteran band." (Roberto Lucas at

Edition of 200 - Red with Black Blob + splatter

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