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Iron Blanket - Astral Wanderer

Iron Blanket - Astral Wanderer

PriceFrom £21.00

Blending 70's inspired psychedelic grooviness with unmistakable driving stoner rock riffs and Mars Volta-esque vocals, Sydney's Iron Blanket are a band like no other right now.


Their much heralded live show that has drawn them new fans at every venue they've played down under is now translated to their debut LP, Astral Wanderer.


Released through UK-based Copper Feast Records and legendary Athens' label Sound Effect Records, Astral Wanderer is slated for full release on 5th April.


The inaugural co-release between these much loved labels will also bring two limited edition vinyl editions, one on classic black and the other on blood red vinyl.


Black is limited to 250 copies worldwide

Red is limitied to 150 copies worldwide


Ships from both the UK and EU.


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