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Kimono Drag Queens - Songs of Worship

Kimono Drag Queens - Songs of Worship


Copper Feast are proud to present the debut record from Sydney's own Kimono Drag Queens on limited edition vinyl!

Taking influence from heavy psych/world music peers such as Goat, Here Lies Man and Kikagaku Moyo, Sydney 7-piece Kimono Drag Queens are coming in hot with their much-anticipated debut album Songs of Worship, after a steady stream of stellar singles over the past half decade.


The record twists and turns through a broad array of psych wizardry, touching on many cornerstones of the genre, with single 'Wild Animals' evoking memories of Goat's breakout single 'Run To Your Mama'. 'Hunters' displays a memorising percussion performance driving the record as it pulls you deeper under its spell before you have time to brace yourself, after which the album crescendos through the euphoric 'Willy's World' to its climax, leaving you gasping for breath.


Last remaining copies of the Feral Animal edition now available!


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