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Lotus Emperor - Syneidesis

Lotus Emperor - Syneidesis

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7 years after their self-titled debut, and a minor classic among the international heavy-psych scene, Lotus Emperor are back with “Syneidesis”, their second and debut for Sound Effect Records!


Led by Constantina Latzaki’s voice, Lotus Emperor have broaden their horizons, moving on to a mystical journey, an atmospheric mixture of fuzzed-out doom, shoegaze and post-punk, all part of a deeply ritualistic psychedelic concept! On “Syneidesis” Lotus Emperor go cinematic and turn the “difficult” sophomore album to their most compelling work so far.


Released on limited black and neon violet vinyl and CD, on November 25th 2022. We open our sails for a second time! With aid from "Anemos" (Wind,) Lotus Emperor’s vessel travels again through the mysteries of life, using our sounds as a medium to carve the "Petra"(Stone) and, through our “#59” wormhole accelerator, shape the new collective "Syneidesis" (Consciousness) in order to get things done from the beginning to the “Synteleia” (The End).


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