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More Experience - Electric Laboratory of High Space Experience

More Experience - Electric Laboratory of High Space Experience

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Sound Effect Records presents the first ever vinyl edition of More Experience’s psychedelic milestone album “Electric Laboratory of High Space Experience”. Originally released on CD in the summer of 2021, the album is been re-sequenced, to reach the perfect flow and enhance the experience, and issued on a glorious gatefold with restored artwork!


More Experience are among psychedelic-rock’s best kept secrets for more than 20 years; based around, author/composer, Piotr Dudzikowski, with “Electric Laboratory of High Space Experience” More Experience have reached their peak so far! Blending lysergic guitars with spoken word passages, field recordings, Canterbury stylings and kosmische ambience, More Experience has made the perfect record for all lovers of ‘60s and ‘70s psych/acid/prog/kraut rock!


More Experience is a Polish band founded in the end of 80`s as a musical project inspired by Jimi Hendrix, Pink Floyd, Jefferson Airplane and other psychedelic bands from the 60`s and 70`s. In the beginning of the 90`s they made their first professional recordings and began cooperating with legendary Polish label OBUH Records. In 1993 OBUH released their first vinyl EP „In the Shadow of Sun/From Acid Dreams” and a few years later their debut album „From Acid Dreams”. In the meantime More Experience won many musical competitions and performed in a lot of theatrical and musical spectacles in Poland and the rest of Europe. In the beginning of the 21st century, Poland being a country with no psychedelic music tradition, More Experience became an exclusively studio project.


In 2014 the band released their second album titled „Piosenki z szuflady czyli jest tak jak jest” („Songs from the drawer, means it is how it is”) featuring hippie songs with Polish lyrics. 2016’s „Follow Me” was a step forward towards more progressive/psychedelic jazz-rock, as their „opus magnum” so far “Electric Laboratory of High Space Experience”, released in 2021 on CD and in 2022 on vinyl.


In 2022, More Experience remains a studio project by author and composer Piotr Dudzikowski and his brothers and sisters in art and music cosmos.


"Psychedelic album of the year and begging for a vinyl release” (*****/5, Richard Allen, Shindig! Magazine)

"One of the BEST albums of 2021” (Timemazine Magazine)

"What a great record and cool band.” (Scott Heller, Writing About Music blogspot)

"This is a terrific album and may well be the most psychedelic thing I have heard all year.” (Andrew Young, Terrascope)

"Electric Laboratory of High Space Experience contains a rich abundance of high octane psychedelic rock.” (Peter Thelen, Expose Online)

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