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School Disco - Denton Rock

School Disco - Denton Rock

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The boys are back!


Brighton's ever-changing garage-psych powerhouse School Disco return with their latest offering Denton Rock. Recorded in Manchester through 2022, the record features their ever-present songwriter-in-chief Rory Lethbridge back on vocals and guitars, with a new line-up of musician pals around him.


On their new record, main man Rory said: ''’Denton Rock’ is an album I'm super proud of, with a whole new line-up we really got into a grooveplaying new songs and reimagining old ones live. We booked out a studio in Manchester that ourfriends have and we managed to get down 90% of the album in 3 days. We all really hit a groove andit was such a fun creative process with everyone down to get experimental and use the studios as abig playground. Some songs we had mastered before the studio, and some songs we finished in thestudio by playing around and jamming in a similar fashion to what we do live.I also reached out to a few friends and guests that really elevate the album with their contributions -Eva Lunny on harp adds such depth and Brennan Harvey's Alto Sax on Crying Beasts adds more forme than any guitar would. I feel we really took the DIY aesthetic that our first two albums have andelevated it further''.


Featuring their classic fuzzed-out style of heavy riff worship alongside catchy garage punk vocals, but with an expanded instrumental horizon this time around, as they add organs, synths and sax to the mix.


This is our Interplanetary Crumble edition which is pressed onto black and white swirl vinyl, which is limited to just 100 copies worldwide!

We also have 50 CDs up for grabs as well.


Shipping around album release date on September 15th. Please note vinyl ships from the EU and UK while stocks last. CDs and CD/Vinyl bundles ship from the UK.

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