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Sleeping Tree - Sleeping Tree

Sleeping Tree - Sleeping Tree

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Sleeping tree is not here to play games. On their self-titled debut album the three-man-band from southern Germany focuses on the essentials: hard riffs, straight basslines and hammering drums. The extended guitar solos make very clear which musical paths the band is following. The spirit of early heavy rock hovers over this record. Nevertheless sometimes Sleeping Tree knows how to incorporate the soft tones - only to come back with a huge wall of fuzz. Lose yourself in the scenic lyrics and enjoy a dirty ride! “Sleeping Tree” will be out on limited vinyl and CD via Sound Effect Records!Sleeping Tree is a three-man stoner-/doom-formation from Augsburg, Germany. The band was founded in late 2014 to play some honest, straightforward Rock 'n' Roll.


Heavily influenced by groups like Black Sabbath, their music is heavily blues driven and inspired by classic stoner- and doom-rock, but never fails to incorporate a scenic, personal touch. This foundation leads to straight drums, combining 70s sound with heavy riffs and fuzz-fueled guitar sounds. The formula is enriched by smooth psychedelic vocals and sophisticated solos. This mixture creates a sound which is not easily assigned to any specific genre. Sleeping Tree takes the best elements from the 70s, blues and stoner/doom to bring something completely new into existence. Something heavy this way comes.

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