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Snowchild - II

Snowchild - II


"Snowchild II is a record so damn good we recorded it twice, or that's what I'm just gonna go telling people cause it's starting to get old explaining that we had to after getting hacked and loosing everything we spent our pandemic break creating. But just like everything else in the unlikely world of Snowchild the re-recording led us to not only a better version but to some amazing people who helped us bring this bizarre blender of fuzzed out psychedelic, electronic horror infused, prog doom to life, creating our best record to date and if that's not your thing maybe we could interest you in our new line of antivirus software."

6 years ago these Wichita fuzzers managed to birth a debut album that came on like a churning maelstrom of sound, and today still continues to punch listeners in the face with a heavy sound that mimics the stoner rock of yore, but is also undeniably their own.

Now in 2022 thick as mud, yet as crystal clear as a super moon on a cloudless night, Snowchild releases the follow up "II" in a haze of fuzzed out psychedelic doom rock.

The Kansas trio throws stoner, psych, blues and hard rock into a big melting pot, chuck in a big dollop of groove and serve it molten hot! Amazing blend of doom styles, yet always maintaining a Sabbath vibe throughout. Sounds like doom meets Cream.

Edition of 200 - Swamp Green & Orange Merge

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