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The Green Pajamas - This Floating World is a Dream

The Green Pajamas - This Floating World is a Dream

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Sound Effect Records is delighted to announce the Green Pajamas album, ‘Forever For A Little While’ (Green Monkey Records CD, 2022), reimagined as a vinyl LP for 2023.


Rechristened, THIS FLOATING WORLD IS A DREAM - band leader, Jeff Kelly’s working title for the album - the vinyl version features all new artwork and has been resequenced to fit closer to Kelly’s original vision of melancholy Akira Kurosawa landscapes painted with Persian setars, analogue synthesizers and backwards electric guitars. Featuring the seasoned craft of all four songwriters, Kelly, Eric Lichter, Laura Weller and Joe Ross, across 15 tracks, THIS FLOATING WORLD IS A DREAM rings with the classic Green Pajamas vibe of past glories like ’Strung Behind The Sun’ and ‘All Clues Lead To Meagan’s Bed’ while simultaneously adding something refreshingly new to their already considerable discography. With the omission of three uptempo rock songs, the gentler moments on the album, like “The Hidden Fortress,” or, “Princess Misa,” seem to gain new depth and complexity, while at the same time allowing fan favorites like, “Six Minutes in Heaven,” and, “Joy Ride,” to shine even brighter.


Available on white or black vinyl


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