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The Rotary Fifth - The Rotary Fifth

The Rotary Fifth - The Rotary Fifth


‘The Rotary Fifth’ evolved following an introduction through an old friend between Mark Kyriacou (Loka) (Producer/Musician) and Michelle Bee (Singer/Songwriter). Realising an instant musical connection, they started to share ideas back and forth. This is experimental pop that fizzles, reverberates and surprises.


The Rotary Fifth happily marry elements of jazz, psychedelia, and pop into a kaleidoscopic visual dream world full of vibrant colour and emotional honesty. The music explores human reactions to the inhumane, the processing of pain, musings on love, warmth and connection. Drawing on diverse influences such as Can, Leonard Cohen, Stereolab, Serge Gainsbourg, Broadcast, Massive Attack, Talking Heads, Brian Wilson, Mad Curry, Alice Coltrane and Herbie Hancock, The Rotary Fifth carve out a space all of their own.


Made up of 9 songs each with a visual interpretation of the sound, ‘The Rotary Fifth’ is their debut album coming out on 10th June 2022 on Sound Effect Records.


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