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PriceFrom £21.00 and Sound Effect Records are proud to present the first-ever vinyl release of the band's debut 'The Glass/Nails' EP', in light of its 10-year anniversary. Available September 29th in a limited run of 200 black and 100 grimace purple vinyl.

"The Glass/Nails EP" represents a sentimental milestone for, as it was their official debut and the first time their musical vision had taken shape.


Recorded in May 2012 at Unreal Studioz and produced by the band along with long-time collaborator sound engineer Alex Katenjian, "The Glass/Nails EP" was digitally released in 2013 and was instantly met with international and local critical acclaim. To this day, tracks such as "Raindrops and Oceans" and "Blue 88" remain setlist regulars to the band's live shows, intensely embraced and requested by their fans.


The limited edition vinyl features:

- All new mastering for vinyl

- A vinyl-exclusive live-recorded version of 'Raindrops an Oceans', recorded by the band's current line-up in 2022

- Re-imagined artwork by Dimitris Nikolis

- Two color variants (black and grimace purple).


About is a five-piece instrumental rock band from Athens, Greece. They have released 2 LPs, "Earths Collide" (2015) - "Home" (2019), and their debut "The Glass/Nails EP" in 2013. Throughout their journey, the band's sound covers enormous ground between genres and atmospheres. Heavy guitar riffs, electronic beats, ethereal ambient passages, lush delay soundscapes, piano, orchestra and choir vocals all blend in seamlessly in genre-bending / trans-genring albums.


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