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Wight - Wight Weedy Wight

Wight - Wight Weedy Wight


Wight's almost-self-titled debut Wight Weedy Wight hit the shelves back in 2011 - and ended up being sold out relatively quickly on both vinyl and CD. Now, with the eleven year anniversary of the record having just rolled around, the band and Kozmik Artifactz have decided to re-issue this underground classic. But instead of simply re-pressing the original version, the re-issue comes as a double LP which contains both the WWW album tracks as well as the live album "Live auf 603qm", originally an online-only release back in 2012.

Both recordings have been carefully re-mixed and re-mastered by Wight's own René Hofmann - says the band: "We think this is how it should have sounded to begin with. Still sounds like 2010, raw and unpolished, and true to what we were doing then - but with a few little touches to it."

The package comes with the luxurious cover artwork the original issue really never had, exclusive liner notes and a bunch of Wight Weedy Wight era photos.


Edition of 300 - Orange Vinyl

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