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FOOT - The Balance of Nature Shifted

FOOT - The Balance of Nature Shifted

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Melbourne desert rockers Foot are back with their brand new album The Balance of Nature Shifted, and my god, is it worth the wait!


The world is a complicated and troubling place, now more so than it has been for a while. Things are shifting around us and we have new challenges to overcome that we've never experienced before both personally and as a society. These feelings of change have been captured by front man Paul Holden and the rest of Foot in 'The Balance of Nature Shifted'.


"This album could be a reaction to an overall personal feeling that things around me are shifting at an alarming rate. Whether it be human interactions with environment, technology and each other. Things are changing, for me personally and externally.

The Balance of Nature Shifted could also be a snippet of how frustrating it can be seeing suffering and angst from which the cause seems so easily avoidable.


This album isn’t meant to preach anything other than that is incredibly important to acknowledge your emotions, feel them and react to them in a healthy way. For me this manifests itself in the music and lyrics contained within.


This album may be a lot of things, but it is most likely just a hard rock album I wrote and recorded because I find that to be the most enjoyable past time in the world."


Foot take their well-honed desert rock sound one step further on 'The Balance of Nature Shifted', with songs going harder than they ever have before on a Foot record. Fans that were on board for their self-titled debut and follow-up 'Buffalo' are sure to be satisfied while newer audiences will love this classic blend of Queens of the Stone Age meets Alice in Chains.


Lead single 'Green Embers' demonstrates the band's ability to go just as hard as any other stoner metal band out there, with riffs hitting you from out of nowhere while closing track 'High' brings the whole record together in one epic blend of desert and prog rock which crescendos beautifully to the album's last note.


FFO: Queens of the Stone Age, Alice in Chains, Kyuss, Sleeping Giant, Pseudo Mind Hive 


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