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Isak - The Great Expanse

Isak - The Great Expanse


"Isak is a stoner rock trio from Glasgow, Scotland. The group is made up of Joe McGarrity on vocals and guitar, Mark Tait on bass, and Robert "Twigs" McLean drums. The band has been producing riffy space rock since 2012. The Great Expanse will be a followup up to Isak EP, released in July, 2013, and EP2, which was released in January, 2018.

The Great Expanse is a sonically compelling stoner rock album that will take you to the edge of space and beyond. The album tells the story of traveler journeying across the galaxy. As he embarks across the endless cosmos, he begins to wonder if he is alone or if he is being guided. More than half instrumental, but employing the sparse, melodic vocals in a focused and effective way, the album is the soundtrack to the traveler's story. It unfolds dynamically over the course of 45 minutes and seven tracks. The record was recorded at 16 Ohm Studio in Glasgow, with Tommy Duffin of Cosmic Dead and John McBain of Monster Magnet completing the mastering." (by The Sonic Sofa)

"Fuzzy tries not to use the word "EPIC" too often, because then it won't mean what it should. But let's break it down and see how it works on the new album from the UK's Isak named "The Great Expanse." It's 45 minutes. It's got great rifts. The album flows with climbs up thundering peaks and dives deep into chill valleys, finally ending in a with such a grand conclusion that your mind is left wondering what just happened. The beat section keeps it heavy when it's needed and backs off as required to let the guitar work shine through. Finally, this has had so many spins here in The Swamp during the past month that I'm left with only one word for this album ... EPIC!" (by Fuzzy Cracklins)

Fans of bands like Colour Haze, My Sleeping Karma or Monkey3 be sure to check this band out!


Edition of 300 on Silver/Black dust 

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